Month: April 2017

John Ernest Hubbs – 1935-2017

Too soon and yet after too much suffering, my father has died as the result of complications from Parkinson’s. It’s a horrible disease. An eventual life sentence of deteriorating motor skills, loss of independence and dementia. He was 82, but in the past year, he aged to look ten years older. He was my Daddy and no matter what illness did to him, he somehow kept a glimmer of his sense of humour, a testament to his strength.

RLR – Sharon Whiteside Reviews “Girl on Guy” Podcasts

Loads of positive feedback followed my first Really Late Review last Friday.  It seems I’ve found common ground with plenty of people who don’t leap on the next new thing the minute it comes out. Several readers promised to submit their reviews and Sharon Whiteside was first through the gate with her podcast review. I’m definitely going to listen to this one. Some podcasts are amazing, some are disappointing, but there’s nothing like a first-person review from someone you can trust. And that’s the whole idea. Enjoy Sharon’s RLR! 


We’re lucky that my Dad is mostly in a good mood while Parkinson’s eats away at his mobility and dementia claims more of his time. As I’ve posted previously, we just go along with whatever reality he’s in. It’s as if he’s literally seeing things that we can’t see, which I suppose he is. He was recently in hospital for eighteen days and we thought we’d lost him. Now he’s back in his long-term care home and re-adjusting pretty well. But he fixates on things for a day or two at a time and on the weekend, he was seeing – or wanting to see – grapes. 

Weekday Wedding

The Ken and Lisa Morning Show pitched a contest idea some time ago: a wedding vow renewal. We’d choose a couple and give them a CJBK Wedding Do-Over. Mary and Fred’s entry was selected some time ago, and their mini-wedding was held last Wednesday evening. It was wonderful! We selected a couple whose first wedding had a lot of mishaps including a lost ring and no money for a honeymoon. It also happens to be their fiftieth anniversary year.

Long Gone Happy Days

Erin Moran never would have made it on a sitcom in this era of instant critics on social media. She was cute but she was ordinary. She didn’t have a 22-inch waist or DD boobs. Unless she could write her own show and work nude, like Lena Dunham, a girl like Erin Moran wouldn’t have been able to stay afloat in the Kardashian sea.  It’s simply a sad fact.  …

Throwback Thursday – Rising to New Heights

Tall women have long been told that they shouldn’t wear heels, or look taller than men. This is, of course, ridiculous. A female friend who’s 6′ tells everyone she’s 5′ 12″. (She does it as a joke, though.)  The crew dug a trench for Nicole Kidman to walk in as she was filmed alongside then-husband Tom Cruise for the 1992 romantic adventure movie Far and Away. And although there wasn’t much the royal spin doctors could do about live appearances of Prince Charles and his wife Diana – except perhaps require her to walk twelve paces behind him – their official portraits were doctored to hide the fact that they were the same height. 

Mug Life

A couple of weeks ago I put out a request on social media for coffee mug recommendations. Not ordinary mugs though, travel mugs, or something that would keep my coffee hot. I have a cheap, ordinary mug at work and my coffee turns ice cold within minutes, or so it seems. I take coffee pretty seriously and hosting a live talk show means I don’t have time to run around and heat it up again. I googled for solutions but I wanted real-life experiences with specific mugs.  …

Oh, Baby

Like tens of thousands of other people, I got a little caught up in the excitement of April the giraffe giving birth. The live webcam went up so early, it started to seem like they were streaming the goings-on in her pen far too early. Was she even pregnant? Had she lied to her much younger partner Oliver about the baby? It was the animal world’s little soap opera courtesy of the Animal Adventure Park and YouTube. 

Throwback Thursday: I Robot – House Proud, Toronto Sun

How quickly things change, eh? This throwback House Proud column from November 2009 proves it. I was so excited about technology that reads text aloud and now we live in the age of Siri, Alexa and a host of other gizmos that are part of our phones. I’d still like a robot house-keeper, though.  It sure would be nice to have a robot to help around the house.  On TV, The Jetsons had Rosie, their robotic housekeeper and technology is almost advanced enough to bring Rosie out of the cartoon world and into the real one. Plenty of robots are available to help with various chores inside and outside your home.

Hitting the Wall

Part of my deal with the agency that represents me for voice work is that I’ll no longer travel for an in-studio session. If someone wants to hire me, they can do what’s called a Directed Session over Skype while I stay in my home studio. It’s how I remain sane while doing VO on the side while starting my day around 3 am to cohost the CJBK morning show. It’s a hard and fast rule. So, why did I break it last week?  …

Bladder Saver

Lately I’ve been making fairly regular trips back to my hometown. Well, I have three hometowns, and I’m traveling past or to at least one of them on these road trips. I drink coffee. I always take along a bottle of water. When nature calls, I’m caught in that all-too-familiar state of wondering how to answer. A stroke of genius hit me on Sunday.   …

How’s your EQ?

EQ – emotional intelligence –  isn’t about getting in touch with your inner child or learning how to cry. It’s the dealing-with-people-and-life version of IQ, which is your book-learnin’ and problem-solving intelligence. And unlike an IQ, an EQ can go way up if you want it to.  …

Throwback Thursday – Prom and Circumstance

My niece is looking for a prom dress. This dress is the most important article of clothing in the world. It must be perfect. It must not only flatter but enhance and beyond that, it must meet with the approval of the Wardrobe Committee – her girlfriends who have individual veto power over each contender. They’re not shopping with her. They’re receiving selfies, one at a time, as she shops with her parents who are nearing their wits’ ends. One gown almost made the cut until one of the Committee members responded to it with a text that read, “Ewwwww!”    …