Month: September 2017


On the eve of virtually every long weekend, I promise myself that I will spend one of the days lounging around in my pyjamas, going nowhere. I think I’ve done it once, outside of times when I’ve been sick. Possibly because I live by the spirit of Betty White’s motto: You can’t hit a moving target.  …

Repost – Throwback Thursday – Skip Calls it a Day

I posted this tribute to Skip Prokop in June of 2016 as he stepped down from performing. Skip died this past week and I noticed some new comments on this post, so I thought I would share it with you again. Skip was a genuinely nice man whose talent was under-appreciated, I think. He will be missed.

The name Skip Prokop has been part of my consciousness since I started choosing my own music to listen to. The founder of Lighthouse and Canadian rock icon has come in and out of my life over the years, although I doubt he’d recall my name if I saw him this week. In other words, his brief cameos in my life have been much more memorable than mine in his. Skip recently announced his retirement from performing. His son, Jamie, has been behind the drum kit for Lighthouse since 2014, but now it’s official. Jamie is also working on his Dad’s biography. Skip suffers from a long list of health problems including diabetes, heart issues – including surgery and having to be revived twice following major heart attacks – recovery from alcohol abuse and other fallout from a hard rock life.