Month: October 2017

Sweet Ethics

If you hand out candy for Halloween, this information is probably too late for you. (And you ought not feel guilty about that!) But if you eat candy, it’s worth knowing that like so many things before it, candy can be made from ethically and unethically sourced ingredients. 

Orange You Glad?

It’s funny how little things from our childhood stick with us into adulthood. For example, the way your Mom or Dad (or you) prepared an orange. Did they peel it or cut it? And was it cut into slices or sections? How thick or thin were they? 

The Power of No

We all want to be good people. We want to help when we’re asked and for people to think well of us. So we often say yes to a request when we’d really rather say no. 

Pull The Plug

Of all of the contentious and debatable things making headlines right now – apart from Sir Orange Head of US-land – there’s one thing that should have us all taking up pitchforks and torches and raiding Queen’s Park.*

Throwback Thursday – Multiple Media Mishaps

I have the reputation of being a Grammar Nazi. However, I’m not a grammar expert. I double-check myself before I post anything publicly and I still make mistakes. I learned a lot by having my first book edited by a bulldog of an editor (that’s a compliment) who was relentless in her pursuit of perfection. …

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Dining in the Dark

Late last week, live on our show, Ken experienced what it’s like to eat when you can’t see. We set this up to highlight the upcoming fundraiser for Deaf/Blind Ontario, Dining in the Dark. Guests are served a formal meal and have to eat it while blindfolded. 

Local Harveys

In smaller cities in a less glitzy industry with a tinier career and projects at stake, I went through some of what Harvey Weinstein’s victims experienced. That doesn’t make me special; it’s ordinary. We women share these stories like soldiers reminiscing about being in battle. It’s everywhere and I’m willing to bet that there’s one …

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Throwback Thursday – What Happens in Vegas

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been to Las Vegas. I went to the old Vegas three times, before the mega-resorts and resort fees and insanely-sized hotels were erected. I vividly remember waiting in the limo with my Dad before we left for the airport. We were watching the cranes and other signs …

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My face feels like butter. On Friday morning, it felt more like 10 miles of gravel road. My heart feels like it swelled up to pumpkin size and then shrivelled back down to the face of an apple doll before settling at about half-full. My tummy – well, let’s not even go there.