country life

white-tailed deer in the snow

The Hunted

From when I was 12 until my Dad died in 2017, our family home was on a 53-acre patch of land outside Smithville, Ontario. It had three large ponds, fields for crops and, by my estimate, about 10% of it was woods. My parents built a house there and Dad moved his business there, too.

Derek on his red and grey tractor backing down from a pile of crushed asphalt, his blade pushing some of it

Rural Routes

I fought our new way of life for several months after we moved in. Even though I know it’s futile and frankly, unhealthy for my mental wellness, I dug myself into a state of forcing this old house and property to prove itself to me. It’s too big, too unpredictable too…rural.

Green Acres Part II

So here we are, on a 2/3 acre parcel of land, surrounded by hundreds of acres of farmland. We haven’t heard a siren. When someone drives down our road, it’s an event. We’ve seen deer and I’m sure we’ll see other critters in time. Our nearest neighbour isn’t near at all, so we have this place wired (and wireless) for monitoring and security.