Burgundy album cover with gold writing: The Partridge Family Album

My Favourite Partridge – Feb 23, 2017

David Cassidy died last night with his family around him. The official cause was organ failure but that followed years of drug abuse and heavy drinking that he had finally tamed in recent years. Burned into my memory: David gazing at me lovingly from Tiger Beat magazine. Anticipation of each new episode of The Partridge Family. Ruining the cover of The Partridge Family Album – my first album – by writing Mrs. David Cassidy all over it. What follows is the post I wrote back in February when David announced he had dementia. …

Studying the Studies

Not all scientific studies are created equal. Having been a radio broadcaster for a long time, I also know how they can get distilled down to a couple of sentences of highlights, potentially making a worldwide study of thousands of people sound as credible as a small study of twenty. It rests on the public to look deeper into the data, but only three out of ten will bother in a stat I just made up.


We’re lucky that my Dad is mostly in a good mood while Parkinson’s eats away at his mobility and dementia claims more of his time. As I’ve posted previously, we just go along with whatever reality he’s in. It’s as if he’s literally seeing things that we can’t see, which I suppose he is. He was recently in hospital for eighteen days and we thought we’d lost him. Now he’s back in his long-term care home and re-adjusting pretty well. But he fixates on things for a day or two at a time and on the weekend, he was seeing – or wanting to see – grapes.