Time is Running Out

Have you seen these two (alleged) dirtbags?

Meet Elvira Krstic who prefers to be called Maya. She used to date a man named Jesse James, 23, who was stabbed to death on surveillance video downtown at the start of the long weekend. She’s 18 and loves the thought of men fighting over her and proving their love with jealous rages.

young white woman with miles of cleavage and an overbite
Photo from London Police Service

And this is Isak Adams, 20, who likes to be called Strapz because he’s super cool and that nickname means he straps on a knife. He is Maya’s current boyfriend but he had a beef with James because James dated her first.

closeup of young black man trying to look menacing
Photo from London Police Service

These Bonnie-and-Clyde wannabes are on the run. Someone is helping them stay below the radar and as we recently saw with another case where a fugitive was hiding in a friend’s home, that someone will also get charged with serious offences. Krstic and Adams will get caught. Resistence is futile. It’s all a game to them and now a young man’s life is gone in the playing of it.

My only hope when I follow a story like this, as I must in my line of work, is that one day the enormity of what they’ve done comes back to haunt the killers. I feel I can say killers because they are on video, murdering James, in front of at least a half-dozen eyewitnesses including a nurse passing by who tried in vain to save James’s life. My other hope is that I’ll be the one to spot them, call 911, and get them put behind bars where they belong. It probably won’t be me, but someone will. Or one of their rat-fink friends will turn them in for a CrimeStoppers reward. There’s no honour among thieves, or among killers.