Google Giggle

If you weren’t aware, Google has an online translation service. I’ve used it here and there and recently Ken read about an Easter Egg on the site. Remember Easter Eggs on DVDs? They were little hidden gems, like outtakes or special scenes, that you could only find if you knew where to look. 


For the fifth straight year, “whatever” has been selected as the most annoying word. Pollsters at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY, conduct this research every year. I don’t, like, know how like isn’t, like, on top but it’s second-most annoying.  

Verbal Crutches

Lots of people have them.  In radio they’re particularly irritating.  There’s a news anchor (and there have been others) who starts every story with a “well”.  But it comes out: wool. It gets so you brace yourself for it.  And it never fails to arrive.

Easy Queasy

I’m one of those people who can get turned off their food depending on the turn the conversation takes.