a collection of rusted railway spikes hangs like a sculpture near the entrance to the station

Take The Last Train to McAdam

As we explored the St. Stephen-St. Andrews-Calais area last week, we took the advice of anyone who offered it. If someone said we should go see something, we went. That included my brother’s suggestion that we head up to McAdam and see the old train station. 

Sometimes They Get Caught

The news releases we get from OPP detachments fascinate me. Many times they have no relevance to our audience and the issues they concern are so small, they’re not newsworthy.  But once in a while one comes in that’s so unusual, it bears some sort of mention. 

When Easter Bunnies Attack

You’re minding you’re own business in your cool radio studio overlooking Richmond Row when a giant bunny happens by and starts acting strangely before wordlessly hopping away!  

Brandt’s Randt – Playing Chicken with a Train

We mostly see them on foot out our Free-FM window but further down the track there are drivers who try to race the train.  They’re morons and I take aim at them in this edition of Brandt’s Randt.