Musing About Moving

What I won’t miss about Toronto. 

$20 parking.

Having to make several elevator trips to carry stuff to the car and the smell of those elevators: cologne, ethnic food and flatulence.

Paying for parking to stop at the convenience store on my way home.

The Don Valley Parkway.

Cabbies snaking their way down the street as if they own it.

What I will miss about Toronto.

My 680 morning show team, the Rogers Campus and the view from the studio.

The sweet lady at the flower shop who always gives me a free gerbera daisy because she knows I like them.

Pointing the Xtrail in a different direction for another fabulous mall or terrific restaurant just a few minutes away.

Walking along Bloor street and looking in the boutique windows.

Watching the city come alive as the sun rises.