A Sensible Handbag

9 times out of 10 the ads that come up on my facebook page have to do with dieting.  “Try Oprah’s diet”  “Lose weight the Rachel Ray way” “Learn the diet secrets of the stars”  I don’t click on them because I already know the secret to dieting – take in fewer calories than you burn. DUH. 

But I did click on an ad for the Miche handbag and I’m a bit entranced.  I happened to see one in person recently and it was pretty darn cool.  Apparently this purse-for-every-occasion was one of Oprah’s “favourite things” on a recent TV show.  I wouldn’t know because Oprah and I aren’t hangin’ together anymore.  But that would explain the explosion in the bag’s popularity.

It’s one black bag with long and short strap options.  Then you choose your coverings.   They operate a lot like a book’s dustcover, except with magnets. You choose the sleeve you want to use and attach it to the bag by magnetic forces on both sides.  When you buy a bag you get 3 covers and then you can buy them in 3’s anytime you want to add to your collection. It’s so brilliant I’m disappointed that I didn’t think of it!  They’re selling Miche (pronounced mee-she) on the concept of never again having to change handbags to match your outfit.  Just change the sleeve and – presto!

The trick with this thing is to get it – if you want it – at the right time.  In my humble opinion, buying it early on is better than waiting until it goes on sale (which it may never do!) or until everyone else has one.  But you’ve got to love it, nonetheless.  I’ve never believed in getting in on a hot trend just…because.  I once bought a faux newsprint looking bag I was sure would become a huge hit and to this day I’ve never seen anyone else with one. Bonus!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to simplify the whole silly handbag thing?  I’m not very retentive about changing bags every time I go with a brown or black palette to my outfit but I would do it more readily if it were an easier thing to do.  Invariably I forget something important in the other bag, because it’s bigger, and I’m trying to downsize, etc. etc.  Anything that makes life a little simpler gets a thumbs up from me.