How Does It Feel?

Everyone wants to know how it feels to be free of the early morning shackles!  I left 680 News only on Friday so this is just my first weekday without the brutal 3 am wakeup.  So, would somebody please inform my body clock? 

I didn’t wake up at 3 this morning.  My eyes popped open at 5 am and I had the feeling that something was very wrong.  I knew where I was and that I was no longer gainfully employed but I still had that nagging feeling of missing an appointment.  The day alternated between dragging my butt and bursts of energy.  The only thing I can compare it to is jet lag.  Now, here it is, 7:30 pm and my body is shutting down, the way I’ve trained it to behave over the last decade. 

When I’ve been on two-week vacations it has taken until halfway through the second week before I can handle the hours of a normal human being! So I can’t expect to master it on day one.  It’s discombobulating.  I feel the lack of intensity in my day.   I shot up out of bed, shopped at a 24 hour grocery store and had stew in the crock pot by 8 am. It will take some time before I find a new purpose because making stew every day just can’t be it, no matter how much it’s appreciated.