Thank You

It’s time I acknowledged the flood of emails I received after my last day on 680 News. 

Now that the flood has slowed to a trickle I can gather some perspective on the overwhelming response to my exit as morning co-anchor.  I’m humbled by the number of people who simply wrote to say they’d miss waking up with me.  I guess the Paul-and-Lisa team became a habit and as we all know, habits are hard to break. 

I loved doing it! I loved the excitement of a job that really mattered.  One of my bosses asked me if I thought the radio station was burning people out. I responded that the job was so intense, and at such an early hour of the morning, that it would affect people in different ways.  I know that I reached my best-before date after 10 years on the early shift (6 on 680 News). 

It is a real honour to be told that what you did had an impact on peoples’ daily lives.  I can honestly say I never took the privilege for granted.  And who knows where I’ll end up next?  Maybe continuing in the media.  Maybe becoming the french fry maven of greater London!  I have a little bit of time to decide and see what opportunities come my way.  And I feel such an attachment to my 680 team that I think about them every morning and wonder if they’re OK.  A career highlight?  That phrase doesn’t even come close.