This is Not a Paid Advertisement!

Hey decor-diva sisters and brothers, here’s a tip from a savvy shopper.

One of my favourite stores, Linens N Things, is going out of business. It’s in receivership and the receiver is liquidating the stock at all of its stores.  Everything is 30 to 60 percent off and it’s not just a gimmick.  I was there yesterday, my friends, and paid a ridiculously low price for some curtains, a rod, finials and tie-backs. 

Big yellow signs all through the store scream ALL SALES FINAL!  There’s even one on each counter that you cannot possibly miss.  Because I had to linger at the cash an extra minute as the clerk entered a UPC code by hand, I asked him how the sale was going.  He said he would quit before a liquidation sale next time, should it occur.  He has been sworn at, yelled at and even spit at by customers trying to return purchases.  I said, “My Linens N Things sisters and brothers are mistreating you?!” He replied, “We’re getting a whole new clientele since the sell-off began.”  So, just make sure you have measurements and colour swatches with you because all sales are, really and truly, final.

The employees are also all out of a job by January 31st. Some stores will close earlier and their stock will move to stores where sales are more brisk. 

It’s a tremendous opportunity for shoppers, though. If you want picture frames or sheets or anything else, it is all on sale.  I may go back when I don’t have to power-browse in between appointments.  After all, Christmas is coming, and who wouldn’t appreciate a linen or a thing for the holidays?