Cruise Control

Has Tom Cruise gone the way of thousands of actors before him and undergone some facial upgrades in an effort to ward off the ravages of time?

Cruise gave a long interview to Entertainment Tonight Canada this week and we happened upon it while flicking through the HD channels.  We came for the HD and stayed for the weirdness.  

His face simply looks odd.  At first I thought he had only lost weight, which he may have done, but it’s more than that.  When you drop a few pounds it doesn’t usually mean your lips no longer fit over your teeth.  Cruise now has Gary Busey chiclet teeth that are too big for his pie hole.  His cheeks are also sunken in, so the result is cartoonish.  What’s up with that?

It’s totally in vogue for Hollywood stars to put themselves up on the hoist for a little overhaul around the age of 40.  Just look what Meg Ryan, Courtney Love and Christa Miller have done to their faces.  But it’s not as common for men because of that old double standard.  Robert Redford is still gorgeous despite dozens of lines on his face.  Diane Keaton, in the same state, would look like a hag.  It’s not fair but it is what it is.

Who didn’t love Risky Business or the frothy mindlessness of Top Gun? That Tom Cruise is gone and replaced by a self-righteous and odd middle aged man who now looks more like a bobblehead than a sex symbol and I can’t help but think he’s had some surgical help in the transformation.