Running Me Over

It has happened twice so far this holiday season, and because I have to head out briefly again today, I want to make sure no one is third time lucky.

I’m referring to two very close calls with motorists nearly backing over me in parking lots.  The first time it happened, an old man threw his car in reverse and just gunned it, nearly clipping my knee as I stepped behind his car.  This week, a very old woman did the same.  Both times, I darted out of harm’s way and stood at the driver’s window to express my displeasure with a hearty frown.  The old man give me a hand gesture that did not mean, Have a Merry Christmas!  The old woman looked at me blankly.

I have no way of knowing how old these particular old people were, not having occasion to cut them open and count their rings.  But they were both backing out of handicapped parking spaces and didn’t see me in my bright green 680 News coat.  Coincidence?  You be the judge.

After the old woman nearly ran me down, another woman approached me, clearly having witnessed my close call.  “Are you OK?”, she asked me.  “I thought I was gonna be testifying at an inquest!”  It was that close.  And without the rules of the road to govern a private parking lot, my little murderette would likely have been free to drive on the next day.

Watch out for the backer-uppers.  They’re sometimes not paying attention but they sure don’t like it when you point that out.  Stay safe!