I Take It All Back

I’d like to apologize to the woman mentioned in yesterday’s blog, who mindlessly ate a meal on the subway.  She might possibly be the Queen of Class compared to what I saw in Union Station yesterday! 

Four teen girls, all in black leggings (because, like, it’s like what everybody’s like wearing, yo!) sat in a circle on the filthy floor, using that floor as their dining table as they ate their McDonalds meals. 

They were in a line-up for my sold out train, keeping one of their group company before she boarded.   The streets were messy from freshly fallen snow and pedestrians trundling through it with their dirty boots.  There were dozens of us waiting in the line-up for the train which we were told repeatedly was sold out, “So after you board, please don’t put your personal items on a seat – we do not have one extra seat available!” 

The little pow-wow happened to spontaneously occur at my feet.  The girls sat, not on their coats or on anything but their little butts with a fraction of a centimetre of flimsy fabric between them and cold tile where thousands of feet had recently traversed and left behind blackened snow and puddles of water.  They spread out their food picnic style and began to nosh.  I felt nauseous.  People were staring and pointing and not simply because they were teen girls doing what a group of teen girls does – which, I believe, is to irritate the rest of us – but because they were planted in obvious grossness and eating at the same time!

So please, subway-wrap-eating-woman, accept my heartfelt apology for suggesting that your drippy, aromatic food had no place on the subway.  Chew to your heart’s content!  Because when it comes to inappropriate feeding habits these girls had you beaten by a country mile!