Lucky Me

I dropped into 680 News yesterday, a planned brief visit, the first one since I left its employ two and a half months ago.

I felt like a visitor, which, of course, I now am.  My 10 year tenure there didn’t leave me with any sense of ownership about the place.  Only about the people.  Not that I own them! But my joy at seeing them was as full and genuine as it could be while I felt like the newsroom was a relic of my past.

And it was good!

This is exactly what I wanted.  I’m spending my days the way I envisioned them, with lots of variety and autonomy.  I’m detached from the radio station insomuch as I don’t feel I’m missing anything except the people whom I’ve grown to love.  This weekend I’m with one of those favourite people whom I miss the most, getting caught up and relaxing.

Imagine life unfolding as it should, as it was planned.  I feel very fortunate indeed.