Baby Mania

How quickly the public turned on the California mother of octuplets after the rest of her story came out.

She’s already got 6 kids and is a single Mom whose every baby came from embryonic transplant and this time, fertility treatments. Baby stuff makers who normally flock to multiple birth families and bestow upon them a lifetime supply of (insert item here) are staying silent about this strange Mom whose own Mom says has been obsessed with having babies since before she was old enough to do so. 

Now she’s got 8 infants as well as a half-dozen older ones and no one is rushing in to help her.  Nor should they.  But just who is it who needs help anyway?  It’s those poor kids who have a Mom who’s slightly off her nut and for all we know is planning her next litter. 

There’s only one solution.  Isn’t Angelina Jolie looking for a new acquisition or two? Somebody give her a call!