Is Lost Losing It?

I’m as hooked on Lost as ever.  It had me when a survivor from the initial crash was sucked into a jet engine in episode one.  Yeah, it’s dark and so am I.  But I’m wondering how far off the path of reality it will have to wander to tie everything together. 

Sentences like “That’s why I had to move the island” (from Ben) are starting to seem perfectly reasonable this season!  I suppose my imagination is battling with logic and I’m going to have to give into the former if I’m going to stay with the show.  John is dead.  Then he’s alive!  Then he wants to be dead. Then Ben saves him and later murders him.  The hour doesn’t drag, that’s for sure.

Now there’s a second plane crash and a few new additions to the cast.  There’s time travel and surrealism and everything but the love stories, although they’re still to come when Sun finds out Jin is still … alive!  (That’s a tidbit that was blown by one of the show’s producers during the last hiatus actually, when he said, “Sun believes Jin is dead.”  Well, at that point we all believed Jin was dead. Thanks for ruining it!)

But I have questions.  Who’s looking after Aaron? Is he still sitting in a car on a dock where Sun left him?  And what about Sun’s child?  Won’t her sister (or whoever that was) get annoyed after a while that her 2-day babysitting job has turned into several weeks?  You can’t just leave kid issues hanging. They nag at us.  And what about the teenage Walt?  Poor kid lost his acting ability.  But I digress.

Lost is shaping up to be the ultimate chess game between Ben and Charles Whitmore with all of the characters we know and love as helpless pawns.  Even when they think they have it figured out, they don’t. And neither do we.  So I guess that’s the ultimate reason why I’ll continue to watch.