Pop Culture Shock

Domino Magazine has been an absolute must-buy for me since I discovered it by chance a couple of years ago.

It’s a pubication to be savoured by the decor and home style lover, like me.  Its pictures are gorgeous, its text is exceptionally readable without being too detailed, the people they interview are fascinating and worth learning from… 

But all that is over now.  I just logged on to read more about a contest (Win a trip to Paris!  I’d love to go back!) and was greeted by a “farewell” letter from the Editor.  It’s over, done, and this Domino has fallen over and will not get back up.  The March issue, which I hold in my hand, is the last.  The Editor cites a “lack of advertising support” for having to fold the company. No more page of stickers with which to mark the pages you want to revisit. No more “Editor’s cravings” sections of stuff the people who put the mag together were hoping to one day have for their own little selves.  No more fresh ideas and ridiculously priced accessories displayed just for fun and visits to big cities to find interesting nooks and shops that others overlooked.  Sigh.  It’s like finding out your favourite recording artist has hung up the microphone or your favourite steak house has shuttered its doors. It’s a real drag.  Bye bye Domino. I wish I hadn’t recycled your past issues!