Erin Davis’s Day at CMW

For the uninitiated, Canadian Music Week is a big deal for those involved in any aspect of music and broadcasting. 

Part of the fun for radio types is a slew of awards ceremonies honouring all aspects of the business. Yesterday started off with the Trailblazer’s Breakfast during which the Rosalie Trombley award was given out and this year the honouree was my friend and former colleague, Erin Davis.  I had the privilege of being invited to join Erin and her other closes friends and her family, husband Rob and daughter Lauren, at her table. 

It seemed like I was shrieking OHMIGOD every few seconds after I arrived.  I hadn’t seen Julie James since we worked together at the MIX more than a dozen years ago.  She is now programming a Corus station in Edmonton.  I traded hugs and hellos with JJ Johnson (my former PD at the MIX) and Pat Holiday (ditto) whose eggs went cold as we caught up.  My former bosses from 680 News were there – Scott Metcalfe and John Hinnen – both of whom I truly miss seeing every day.  After all of these years I finally met Maie Pauts! Silly how we hadn’t crossed paths in so many years in the same market. She’s also off to Edmonton to program.  The room was filled with so many admirable women and men from the industry.

Consultant and broadcasting guru Valerie Geller gave the keynote address peppered with her memories of working with Erin over the years and some positive insights for an industry going through a bit of a tough time.  She’s an inspiration to us all and has a truly global viewpoint. Lauren introduced her Mom with a text and manner as poised as any longtime speaker.  She’s just finishing up high school and heads to college to take broadcasting in the fall. She’s a chip off her Mom’s significant talent!  Rosalie herself took the stage and shared some memories of being one of the most powerful women in radio.  And then a humbled Erin spoke with a sweet and intelligent message to her daughter about what to really expect in the world of radio.  It was just a wonderful event for a woman whose journey through a long and enviable career truly deserves to be honoured.  Oh the stories she could tell!  (Maybe one day she will!)

I’ve posted photos from the breakfast in my “Friends and Family” album on this website.  I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.  To look around that ballroom and see a full house rise to its feet and applaud my friend – it was a truly special moment.  Congratulations Erin.  We’ve often joked that at our tender ages, we are broadcasting pioneers!  And you have blazed a trail that thousands can only hope to be able to follow.  Well done.