Made Up Well

I have a difficult time watching myself on television and if you talk to other people who are on TV, it’s likely they’ll say the same thing.  Not that they have a difficult time watching ME, but watching themselves!  But sometimes when the lighting is right and the framing of the shot is flattering and I like what I’m wearing and most important of all, my make-up is great, I can handle sitting through an episode of Whatever Happened To. It’s a great show, after all, and I think the others on it do a terrific job.

When I started on television a long time ago, getting your make-up done meant slapping a layer of pancake beige on your face. If the TV station had its own make-up woman (they were always women back then) she would slather on the goop and do you up like a 5-dollar hooker which somehow made you look normal on the small screen.  Times have really changed.  TV make-up is a finer art with the advent of digital technology and cameras that can peek into every pore.  It’s no longer good enough to trowel on a layer of cover and call it a make-up job.  Every face is different and so is every situation.  You need a pro.

Meet my pal Sam!  She is responsible for making me look like the best version of myself I could be, in the first couple of seasons of Whatever Happened To. She’s an excellent make-up artist whose work I looked forward to every week. She has worked on singers, actors, models and brides.  She has prettied up the faces of models for the covers of Canadian Living, Hello Magazine and worked on the shows Canada’s Next Top Model and How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria.  She recently worked with the Pussycat Dolls on their Toronto visit. Do you notice how many of these people have something to do with modelling and the fashion world?  They are pretty picky about who works on their faces and hairdos and they pick Sam.

The best part about walking out of a shoot after Sam worked on me was not feeling like a hooker!  When she was finished, I was me, just a better version of me.  I also felt like I’d spent time with someone who really cared about making me look better.  It was like therapy, too.  We dished about more than just MAC and sponges and hairspray! 

So if you find yourself in need of a professional look for a photo shoot or even your wedding…I’d suggest Sam.  She’s not only great at her job but she’s fun to be around.  Tell her Lisa sent you!