Personal Responsibility

Oh this is rich.  But let me first say that this is not a rant against men.  It’s a rant against two men. Two rich, egomaniacal, self-centred and overly pampered men who believe they do no wrong.  Now that that’s on the record….

Hulk Hogan said this week he could understand why OJ Simpson killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend, Ron Goldman. (At least he admits OJ is guilty of murder.)  The ex-wrestler went on to whine about how difficult and frustrating it is to see his ex-wife’s boy toy enjoying everything Hulk worked so hard to acquire; his Escalade, his home, his pool, his family.  Mel Gibson’s wife of 27 years has finally filed for divorce after 3 years of separation.  Mel hasn’t really said much except at the Catholic Church where he faithfully goes to absolve himself of all sins every weekend.  He’s too busy frolicking with an assortment of 20-somethings on beaches.  Headlines in the slightly yellow media this morning scream, Which Beauty Is Responsible For Ruining Mel’s Marriage?

They’re not responsible.  Mel is.  And if Hulk Hogan is having murderous thoughts, perhaps he should be forced to occupy a mirrored room until they pass.  Both of these men were serial adulterers through their marriages and now Hogan is whining about what he’s lost and Mel is staring down what may end up being the most expensive divorce in Hollywood history. Oh boo hoo. 

What we have here is a couple of women who decided they weren’t going to take it anymore.  They likely heard pleas to stay and promises that there would be changes, really, this time I mean it.  They had children and pride and they loved their husbands.  That doesn’t make them victims.  They certainly made their choices.  But now they’re making different choices and changing the rules of the game.  No one likes a spontaneous rule change.

Hulk Hogan is an absolute jerk.  His wife finally snapped when she caught him with one of their daughter’s teenage friends.  And now he thinks he can buy our sympathy by announcing that he could see himself killing her?  Dream on.