Random Monday Musings

If you’re a guy with a lisp, this appears to be your year.

Several companies have hired men with pronounced lisps to be their TV spokespeople.  This is like hiring a surgeon with 6 fingers.  These days you don’t have to have a big, deep, ballsy voice to be an announcer-type but a lisp is just nature’s way of telling the world you’re a lazy speaker.  Lisps can be overcome.  CBC anchor Heather Hiscox had a very pronounced lisp back in the day when I knew her here in London.  Watch her on CBC now where she’s an excellent news anchor and there isn’t a trace of it.  Determination and practice eradicated it.  In one commercial stop set last night on TV an auto-glass repairer, an insurance company and a home improvement store all used lispers.  It’th getting thilly.

Why do so few reports on Farrah Fawcett’s illness name the type of cancer she has been battling for years?  It’s not pretty but serious illness never is.  Fawcett has anal cancer.  It’s probably the first question a person would ask – what type of cancer is it?  The news is supposed to be composed of the truth but I found this detail on only one report of Fawcett’s return to hospital.  Is it because she’s a former pin-up model and no one wants to think of someone so sexy suffering from something so horrible?  These are the same people who will write that people “passed away” instead of “died”.  They want to make everything nice.  Not everything is nice and what Fawcett is going through is awful.  That’s the truth.

Donald Trump did a stupid thing on Celebrity Apprentice last night.  He “fired” Chloe Kardashian for personal reasons.  Chloe has a DUI on her record and she’s attending classes and paying for her mistake.  She didn’t hit or hurt anyone and she’s very serious about making amends.  Yes, driving drunk is dumb and terrible but Donald fired her for it because he knows people whose family members have died because of drunk drivers, not because of her performance.  Clint Black was a terrible team leader who took over the entire project and didn’t assign his teammates to a single task yet he survives.  If Chloe’s experience is a yardstick then Dennis Rodman never should have made the cut in the first place.  The man’s an idiot and has a record.  Donald always says it’s not personal, it’s business, but he punished a young woman last night for something that had nothing to do with the game.  I’ve never particularly liked Donald, from his stupid attempt at a combover to his relentless arrogance, but last night’s episode capped it for me.  He can’t even stick to the purpose of his own show.