Ad Nauseum

“I ALWAYS find it funny that so much skin-cream advertising features, like, Jessica Alba. She’s gorgeous and 12!” — Brooke Shields to More Magazine. 

My personal beef is with the women’s clothing ads for stores that I actually like.  Reitmans, for example.  They have decided that two bitchy, male “designers” best represent their brand in their advertising.  Someone, somewhere thinks these guys are entertaining but to me, the core shopper, they’re just annoying and you cannot get away from them.  They pop up on the Reitmans website and they’re all over the flyer.  I loathe them.

Winners has an ad campaign that makes me want to yell at the television.  The premise is that Winners combs the world over for the great fashions that it stocks – but the shoes, clothes and accessories are depicted as fish or sea creatures.  So bikini clad “hunters” come out of the water with a gorgeous pair of designer sandals or hangers-full of dresses that they have just “caught”.  It’s ridiculous! 

Bring back the filet-o-fish singing fish!  The only entertainment in TV ads these days – for us – is listening to Lincoln, KFC and other voice-overs done expertly by our friend Ed Kelly.  He is “big time” and will also be appearing in a couple of upcoming films.  But more on that later.  For now, we mute the commercial segments or better yet, PVR what we want to watch and fast-forward right through them, lest we have to sit through another woman singing to her birth control pills as she throws them out.