Being The New Kid

It’s official. I’m on the air at The Greatest Hits, 1039 FM!

This week I’m filling in on afternoons, the slot normally hosted by Leigh Robert who is on vacation.  Next week I’ll go to my regular timeslot, of the show prior to hers – 9-2.   Leigh, bless her, set me up well to fill in and guided me through some of the trickery and moguls that go with doing anyone else’s regular gig.  It’s like owning a home.  You can get an inspection done but you don’t truly know what you’re in for until you live in it.

I had butterflies yesterday and I just enjoyed the moment.  How many times do we get a little harmless case of nerves anymore?  It was enjoyable, in a strange way.  I truly love the music and the people have been terrific.  I feel like I fit in there.  There are newbies and oldbies (like me!) and all sorts of folks in various stages of their careers.  I love the environment.  I love being part of a team again.

So I’m back on again today and it’s just hitting me that I have a “real” job again.  1039 has a massive signal area and streams online at  It’s also just hitting me that I’ve accomplished my goal: to move back to London and make a living and a life here.  Wow.  Cool.