Suspicious Minds

About 300 motorcycle riders rode to Woodstock yesterday in support of missing Tori Stafford.

It was a gorgeous day for a ride.  But I just don’t understand what such an event will do for the ultimate cause which is making sure the girl comes home.  It was arranged by Tori’s maternal relatives and many riders also gave cash to a trust fund for Tori and her brother.  Even as I wish as hard as anyone that Tori is found and brought back, the whole concept is lost on me, unless, perhaps, it’s just another way to keep her name in front of the media.

I’ve never understood some of these outpourings of support, frankly.  When Princess Diana died and thousands upon thousands of people left bouquets of flowers to rot at the palace gates (and, strangely, one inflatable ET doll among the posies!) it horrified me. All of that money could have been put to a practical use, like feeding the hungry or sheltering the homeless. Instead, it became the world’s biggest compost pile.  It was such a waste and I’ll dare to say that Diana would not have approved.

Now I have to wonder what a trust fund will do in the Stafford case.  His sister is missing so we should give money to a little boy? I’m sorry if that sounds harsh but I simply don’t get it.  If people want to gather for a ride because it makes them feel better and like they’re doing something in a situation that leaves them helpless, that’s great.  It’s better than sitting on your hands and worrying.  But the vague notion of making a donation to God knows what, bothers me a little.

Today happens to be Spring Sprint day for Brain Tumour research and support.  I was at the first Brampton sprint in memory of my friend Richard’s little brother David when it began 8 years ago and every year since, except one.  I’m going to miss it this year but I’ll always be a donor because I know what the money is for and I’ve looked into it myself to see how effectively it is used by the Brain Tumour Foundation.   The Stafford family needs our support, no question and we’re all going to be a little on edge until the Tori case is solved.  But I’m just not sure they really need our money.