Things That Don’t Make Sense To Me

The California Supreme Court upheld a ban on gay marriage.

Why should we care who gets married?  Elton John and David Furnish have one of the most supportive and steady relationships going.  Sean Penn and Robin Wright, not so much, and there are kids involved in their mess.  Being gay or straight doesn’t determine whether you’ll be a good partner.  Being a whole person who can make a commitment, does. 

Amy Winehouse is creating a clothing line.  The most horribly dressed woman in show businesses who routinely makes the “What was she thinking?” pages of magazines is now going to unleash her “style” on an unsuspecting public.  Apparently we can look forward to clothing racks in the tween department full of bustiers, shredded leggings and jeans slung so low that the wearer’s thighs hang out over the waistline.

It’s apparently coming as a shock to some people that the “reality” show Jon & Kate Plus 8 is staged.  The entire genre is staged!  It has to be. And now a relative of the unhappy couple has blogged and blabbed the details of how producers follow topic trends and wish lists from Kate that are parceled out from show to show.  The new season just premiered with huge ratings in the wake of the carefully orchestrated release of he said/she said infidelity accusations.  Coincidence?  Of course not.

Our Governor General decided to make a political statement by eating the freshly removed heart from a freshly clubbed seal, raw and dripping with blood.  Since when is the GG political?  She’s supposed to be as neutral as Switzerland, not taking sides, not doing anything but being a figurehead for the Queen and weilding ultimate but non-partisan power, only if absolutely necessary.  Putting aside the obviously disgusting act of eating the raw heart of a living being and then pronouncing it “delicious” this is still way out of bounds for her role.  Someone wipe her chin and remind her of what her job is. Cut ribbons.  Redecorate Rideau Hall at an inflated price.  Buy Inuit carvings to give to foreign heads of state.  But don’t wade into controversy, ever.  How she’s getting away without being severely admonished is beyond my understanding.