Being Mom-ish

You may know that I’ve been a Big Sister for more than a decade.

You may not know that this girl is now a young woman.  She’s smart, funny, wise, sensible and she also happens to be drop dead gorgeous.  And yesterday she brought over a new boyfriend.  And he’s a keeper.

I don’t get to experience these Mom-ish things outside of my relationship with her.  And yesterday I found myself getting to know him and them together and watching how they interact.  And I felt like a Mom!  I want her to be happy but I think I might rather that she was miserable if it meant separating herself from a guy who wasn’t good enough for her.  She has to be treated well, that’s not up for discussion.  And it seems that she is being respected and adored.  That’s all I ask!  Isn’t it what any Mom would want for her “kid”?