My Pig, My Farm

You know the saying, “Not my pig, not my farm”?  It’s used when it’s better to mind one’s own business because whatever’s going on isn’t your concern.  But I’ve heard about some prime examples of getting involved in someone else’s farm and making a difference…to their pig! 

Listening to Alan Cross talk about the history of Nickelback lead singer Chad Kroeger the other day brought home how close the vocalist came to being a life-long criminal.  He had several B-and-E’s on his record and it took a tough judge to turn him around.  The skinny hoodlum was sentenced to some time in a real jail with some real tough guys who scared the crap out of him.  When he got out he decided a life of crime was not for him. He started writing songs and getting into music instead.

A man I know told me about how he was once very reluctant to let go of a relationship after he was dumped and looking back, he now realizes he was probably scaring the girl by essentially stalking her.  On one such occasion when he was outside of her house, her roommate came out and gave him a screaming earful about how “This HAS to stop!”  It shook him back into reality and made him realize what he was doing.  He stopped.

Sometimes a little well-placed intervention can make all the difference in the world.  Gut feelings about these things are usually right.  There should be no hesitation when someone’s safety is, potentially, truly at risk.  Or in the case of Chad Kroeger, a life is about to go forever off the rails.