On Cats and Hunting

While the back fence was busted, a black cat started prowling our back yard. 

Now that cat is still coming around.  Our yard is deep and has a varied terrain.  This cat has decided it’s a fun place to hang out and hunt.  I’ve shooed it away a few times and I swear I saw it flash a tiny kitty middle finger.  Now I’m filling up a spray bottle with cold water and the next time I see him, he’s going to get wet. 

It’s never made much sense to me to have a cat that you “let outdoors”.  What that means, to me, is that you don’t want to be bothered with a litter box so you let the kitty go wherever it pleases which is usually not on your own property.  I understand litter box aversion.  I had a cat for many years and box maintenance isn’t fun.  In order to keep a stink-free home you have to keep up with kitty’s emissions and let’s face it, poop scooping isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time.  There are materials and tools that make it easier but poop is poop. It’s never going to be a wonderful task.

Last week that cat walked – no, strutted – past my window as I sat at my desk.  It took a few seconds to figure out what was in its mouth and then it hit me.  It was a dead baby squirrel.  He was carrying his kill out to a shelter we have in the back.  Derek inspected and couldn’t find any evidence of the squirrel so perhaps the cat simply sat out the rain and then took his prize away with him.  Or he tucked it away underneath something we will find when we least expect it. 

I don’t like that cat.  He’s almost feral and if he’s someone’s pet, he has a lot of time to wander about.  I don’t want him killing little creatures in my yard and making our property his territory.  I would never do anything harmful to an animal but I will give him a cold shower any time the opportunity presents itself.  And I will continue to do so until he finds another place to hunt and poop.