This Week In Celebrity Creepiness

By now you know that David Carradine has died and the speculation about how it happened. 

He likely succumbed the same way as Michael Hutchence did all those years ago.  The 72 year old actor was found naked in the closet of a hotel room in Thailand, with one end of a rope around his neck and the other around, well, let’s say it was tied around his special place.  It has to be one of the dumbest and most embarrassing ways to die.  Not to mention wasteful.  The Kung Fu and Kill Bill star was working on a movie there.  Now it has come to light that his 4th wife divorced him partly because of his “deviant sexual behaviour”.   The Smoking Gun website unearthed the papers in the wake of Carradine’s death and while the ex wouldn’t elaborate, she said simply, “I stand behind the filing.”  Perhaps in an unexpected and morbid way, her allegations have been vindicated.

Murdering record producer Phil Spector’s wife is giving interviews about what it’s like to kick around his mansion all alone while he serves a 19 year sentence for killing actress Lana Clarkson six years ago.  The 29 year old woman says she misses the sex most of all.  And where did they exchange wedding vows?  In the same place where Clarkson was shot.  Wifey says she clips her 69 year old hubby’s toenails, helps him groom (and perhaps feed) himself and then rattles the bedsprings with him all night long.  Oh and she also has a 9 carat wedding ring but don’t think the money is what she’s all about! Oh no!  While Spector likely dies behind bars, this female who’s 2 years older than his oldest offspring will stand to inherit the fortune he amassed from his “wall of sound” production work.  So he killed a fading actress and threatened the lives of several others?  He’s been caught so she doesn’t have to worry about her own safety!  And did you see that blinding rock on her left hand???