And My BS Detector Goes Haywire…

A 26 year old reporter for Star Magazine was forced to resign last week because she had an affair with “Jon & Kate Plus 8” star Jon Gosselin.  He is perhaps the friendliest unemployed, newly separated father of 8 the world has ever known. 

But here’s the part that makes me laugh.  Star Magazine honchos say they told the young woman she had to quit because her relationship with Jon threatened the perception of objectivity in the mag’s reporting.  Objectivity? These are the people who declare Patrick Swayze dead every other week, claim couples are breaking up when they’re not and that others are reuniting when they actually haven’t spoken in years!  Objectivity!  What a joke.

It turns out that the woman lost her job over a mere fling, anyway.  Jon is definitely playing the field and just this weekend declared himself “single”.  He’s a stunningly unattractive man whose fame alone is netting him entry into the boudoirs of many young, naive and beautiful women right now. So, just who is looking after the “plus 8”?   Kate can’t possibly handle the entire brood on her own, all the time.  So why is Jon, whose only paycheque comes from exploiting his life and those of his family for entertainment value,  popping up in France and seen buying $600 wingtips on a shopping spree, alone, in Manhattan?  Don’t even get me started!