Kiva Update

My Kiva loan recipients are all repaying me on time and I’ve now received nearly 50% of my 4 $25 dollar loans back! 

Over the Christmas holidays we went on and chose aspiring business owners in different parts of the world who had registered to receive interest-free loans.  Some needed hundreds and some thousands and I read a lot of profiles before I chose to help top up the requests of four of them.  I picked a cattle farmer in Azerbaijan, a motorcycle cabbie in Togo, a computer recycler in Lebanon and a beauty salon owner in Togo. 

Kiva is an amazing organization.  More than 90% of loans are repayed and some of the stories of how peoples’ lives have changed as the result of a little generosity from strangers around the world are like a heating pad to the chest.  To think that just a hundred bucks can do so much good.  A hundred bucks, many times over, from tens of thousands of people who believe in the concept.  Soon I’ll be back on the site, choosing my next loan recipients.  I don’t imagine I’ll ever take that original hundred bucks back out.