Morning Has Broken

I’ve heard this before from other long-time morning show hosts – once you get away from it you wonder how in the heck you ever did it! 

I’m filling in for McArthur In The Morning on 1039FM for a little while and although I get up easily at the crack of stupid, I sure don’t miss this feeling of things being “off”, of time passing at double the usual rate and of not feeling like I have my entire IQ at my disposal.

I know this: I have zero interest in going back to these hours full time.  It’s not that anybody’s asking me to, not at all, but it’s a realization that I need to acknowledge!  I kind of like being a day-shift gal.  It may not have the perks or the prestige of mornings but it has other things going for it, like the ability to have a real life!  I’m getting rather fond of it.