The Fragility of Life and the Weakness of People

From what I can recall, three people stood up for Michael Jackson when he was going through his child molestation trial.

Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Ross and Macaulay Culkin.  Now that Jackson is dead, he has more friends that anyone can count.  They go on and on, publicly, about what a great artist he was, what a wonderful man and father he was, how much they loved and admired him.  If they’re such staunch MJ supporters, where were they when he was going through the horror of a court case that rendered him so ill and medicated that he showed up in pyjamas some days?  What would it take for one of these “friends” to come out publicly and say, I don’t know what the trial’s outcome will be but this man is my friend and I know him to be a moral and harmless guy?   He was acquitted, after all. 

It just brings home to me the uselessness of being timid about who you are and what you believe, whether for financial reasons or because of something else.  It also reminds me of the fragility of life. After the man is dead, these “friendships” don’t do him any good.  In my eyes, it makes all of these people look like hypocrites who are trying to clear their own consciences from not standing up for him when he was alive.  The Jackson family apparently made it next to impossible for Elizabeth Taylor, Jackson’s longtime friend and confidante, to attend the memorial.  They resent her because she has spoken out against some of their behavior while never wavering from her support of Michael.  That is what a friend does.  She didn’t worry about her legacy or anything else.  She supported her friend in any way she knew how.  The others who are taking up airtime on Entertainment Tonight and planning tributes and blabbering about Jackson’s legacy?  Bottom feeders.