The Migraine That Wasn’t

So much for my empathy with those who suffer regularly with migraines.  Oh I have empathy, for sure, but I apparently don’t really know what a migraine sufferer goes through after all.

My doctor believes I didn’t have a migraine last week after I suffered a blinding headache that lasted several days.  It turns out that my blood pressure had spiked and when it came down, away went the headache.  Now that I know what it feels like, I could even tell when the pressure returned to normal. It could be the result of a number of things and trying to find out the cause is the next step. It has happened before.  So now I have to track it and see if there’s a pattern, perhaps paisley or plaid.  Hey, as long as I still have my sense of humour….

Meanwhile, thank you to the many people who sent me information about migraines and their causes and ways to relieve them.  I have to especially thank M who gave me a little fizzy thing from the UK that sent me flying like a kite for about 3 hours! I suppose it reacted that way because it didn’t have migraine pain to target.  I thought I’d end up in a tree, taunting firefighters to get me down!  It was a more exciting ride than the giant Niagara Falls ferris wheel.