Trailer For Sale or..well, just for sale, actually.

It’s official.  You Want Fries With That has closed its doors. 

You never know how something’s going to go unless you try.  A french fry business is a booming enterprise IF you have the right location which, twice now, we have not had.  So this time around we simply had to cry “uncle!” and shut it down.  We’ve already gotten some complaints from local fry fans who got hooked on our fries and burgers but there simply weren’t enough of them to make it worth our while.  We’re not running a charity.

So we had to let our cook, Lydia, go, and put up a “for sale” sign.  It’s a bit of a bummer but it’s also the right thing to do.  If we had the time to sign up to operate at fairs and tow the trailer around, or if we could source out a better location and, again, had the time to shuttle back and forth, we’d be laughing.  But we both have “real” jobs and we just don’t have the time to devote to making it a success.  Too bad.  Everyone loved our fries and we learned a lot and had become pretty darn good fry trailer managers.  I’ve seen inside some other, similar businesses and ours was cleaner, neater and better organized than any of them.  But it was worth the effort to have the experience.  Now it’s someone else’s turn.  We have met several people in similar businesses who work all summer and make enough to take winters off.  We know it can be done.  We just won’t be the ones to do it.

Anyone with serious interest in the trailer can contact me at .