Nearing a Project’s End

As I’ve been whittling away at this latest in-house project, my mind has occasionally whirred about how I can turn it into a House Proud column for Sun Media.

I don’t know that it’s meaty enough for a whole column, but boy oh boy, has it ever made a difference and been well worth doing. 

You’ll see a new photo in my Home Stuff album on this site of two window frames (at Derek’s workspace) in their before and almost after states. (As of this moment, I’m having issues with my gallery and there may be a problem trying to view the photo!)  From the beginning of the hallway to the back of the house, the trimwork was all unpainted.  It wasn’t that nice, finished, showy wood.  It was just bare, unfinished wood that the previous owner simply never bothered to paint.   It NEEDED paint.  It was like walking into a different world – a 1970’s world!  So I took it upon myself to paint all of the trimwork; baseboards, doorframes and window frames.  Each stick of wood sucked up 3 coats of Benjamin Moore “Cloud White” but it brought the spaces into the modern era.  I painted the bathroom door with the same stuff and covered two closet doors in the TV room with the wall colour.  Now I’m like a proud Mama when I survey my freshly prettied-up baby!

The window frames in the photo are the last bit of business before I wrap up this particular project.  I love the angle of the shot because you can see the before and the almost-after side by side and it’s a startling difference.  One looks unloved and neglected and the other looks chic and finished.   Completing this weeks-long (and on and off) task has been immensely satisfying.  In the words of Derek’s brother, “It’s definitely an upgrade.”  Yessir, it sure is!