Oil and Mind Change

I don’t enjoy doing anything involving the maintenance of my vehicle.  I don’t particularly like caring for it or or cleaning it.  I don’t get a sense of pride about it and especially since I’ve owned my own motorcycle, my Xtrail is really just the thing that gets me to and from places.  The best thing about is it that it’s paid for. 

So you can imagine how much I love getting an oil change!  If quick lube places didn’t exist, I think I’d run the thing dry.  I bit the bullet and, taking note of my ancient, curled up reminder sticker on the inside of my windshield, I figured I’d better get it done.  So I pulled up to the same quick lube joint I went to last time.  All three bays were full so I expected a bit of a wait.  It turns out that everyone who was ahead of me had extra stuff on the go so the wait was longer than usual. 

After a few minutes a smiley guy approached me with a fresh newspaper in hand and apologized for the wait.  He offered to get me a coffee! What the…? What’s this?  Customer service?  In an environment that I loathe?  I nearly fell out of my tree!  He came back a few minutes later to ask me to move to the ready position in front of a different bay, because that dude was nearly done.  He said sorry again and I assured him it was all good!  I was enjoying the paper and, well, I did need an oil change. If I had left – which I had no intention of doing – the time already spent waiting would have been wasted.  But I sure did appreciate being acknowledged and having my time valued.  Now I’m sure I”ll go back for my next oil change, and hopefully before the new reminder sticker curls up and falls off my windshield.