Rainy Day People

I’m as sick of this weather as anyone.  You can’t ride.  You can’t work outside.  We got drenched when the sky opened up last night during the short jaunt from the train tracks (where we had been stopped for a freight train) and the lot we parked in while taking in the Knights/Zug game at the JLC.  It truly has been the summer that never was.

But as I said on the air yesterday, we’ve got to carry on despite the weather.  It has rained out so many activities this season – from summer fairs to race nights at the local tracks to, you name it – that it’s time we took our summer back!  Volunteers work so hard to put on these events.  So, what’s a little drizzle going to hurt? Put on your waterproof shoes and jacket, grab an umbrella and just get on with it.   If we don’t perservere, we won’t have any memories of the summer of ’09.  It will have been a total washout.