Up From The Farm

We recently dropped by the Farmer’s Market at the Western Fair.  The only reason we hadn’t been to it before, is because we didn’t know it existed and that’s apparently a common thing in this area.

I sold a doodad to one of the merchants at the Market and his deal was, if I bring him the thingamajig, he’d not only pay me but also give me a bunch of freshly made butter tarts.  HELLO!  A new experience, the sale of an item AND free buttertarts to take up to the gang at the lake? Sign me up!

The Market is on Saturdays only, 8-3, and it’s a collection of all sorts of vendors you’d expect and some you wouldn’t, including a garage-sale type of set-up outside.  It’s worth checking out! It’s quality stuff. And the butter tarts were a hit. The baker had about two dozen varieties.  He says he makes 900.  We’ll have to go back and find out!