A Ride For Kids’ Sake

 On Saturday I’ll be going on my first charity motorcycle ride alone.  Bernice, my bike, has never been on one of these rides that involved hundreds of bikes and I”ve only gone on them on the back of Derek’s Harley.

It’s the 13th annual Fall Colour Ride for London’s Children’s Hospital.  Hully Gully (a “toy” dealership here in London) puts it on and it’s hugely successful. I’m tickled to be part of it this year but I am a little anxious about the long-range forecast.  Bernice and I don’t particularly want to ride in driving rain! 

If the conditions are okay, it should be a nice tour through the countryside to enjoy the change of seasons. Bike riders are generous folk, They’ll come out and participate simply for the joy of riding and helping a good cause.   Right now the forecast calls for clouds and a 70 percent chance of rain.  I’ll decide whether to ride the day-of.  I might hand in my pledges and go shopping for a couple of hours until the hardier riders get back!  And I would do so with no shame!