Antagonistic Actor

I’ve had a bit of a laugh at the expense of former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron on Whatever Happened To, the TV show on which I appeared for 3 seasons.

Kirk is an evangelical creationist.  Good for him.  That’s not what I find funny!  What I find amusing and more than a bit sad is that he is unwilling to accept anything – and I mean ANYTHING – that doesn’t support his views of the world.  And he’s bringing up his half-dozen kids to be the same way.  The story is here:,,20307814,00.html

Hey, believe what you want, live how you like, it’s all good.  But don’t go public disputing scientific fact for your own purposes.  Even the Pope agrees that evolution can’t be disputed and it doesn’t have to be viewed in opposition to other theories.  They can work together.   Cameron is nothing more than a charlatan who’s spouting the kind of propoganda that he claims is contained in Darwin’s findings.  In 150 years of trying, Darwin’s work has not been disproven.  It’s disbelieved by some but not disproven. That’s why it’s called science.  What rules Cameron’s life is faith – and that’s fine.  But I can’t respect a guy who can’t tell the difference.