Flying Objects

This morning we have killed three spiders, removed two ladybugs and lost sight of a third and it’s not even 7:30.

I love autumn but I don’t love that creepy creatures are trying like hell to become our roommates for the winter.  As I prepared to take a shower this morning, a spider rappelled down to the floor from the exhaust fan.  We’ve had several ladybug invasion attempts.  The bugs I once thought of as cute gather in huge numbers on the patio door, just waiting for an opportunity to sneak in and set up house.  I have just spotted one on the livingroom ceiling.  Earlier, it flitted around like a crazed, tiny helicopter while we tried in vain to capture it. 

It’s not nearly as bad or as dangerous as the time a clan of yellow jackets set up a nest in a chimney. I arrived home to a livingroom full of buzzing, yellow terrorists that had to be professionally eradicated.  The ladybugs are simply annoying and fortunately, these ones aren’t biters. But I don’t like camping, in fact I’m against it as a rule, and their presence is making me feel like I’m living in the not-so-great outdoors.