Save Him From Himself, and Save Us From Him

A JP in New Orleans needs to be fired.   

Keith Bardwell refused to grant a marriage license to an interracial couple on the grounds of “concern for any children and because most interracial marriages don’t last.”  His wife sent the couple on to another Justice of the Peace but they were understandably upset by being denied their right to marry.

All race-based barriers to marriage were outlawed in 1967.  In an interview with CNN Bardwell says he will not apologize for doing what he thinks is right and swears he isn’t racist.  He most certainly is racist and at the very least, he’s not doing his job properly and needs to be removed.  How does a neanderthal like this ever get into a position where he can adversely affect the lives of his fellow citizens?  He ought to be relieved of his duties immediately and the city should do whatever it takes to try to make it up to the couple.  I feel just awful for the man and woman who must have felt like they were in a time warp, or that they couldn’t believe what they were hearing.  I could hardly believe what I was reading.