This is It

The Michael Jackson song This Is It was released online at midnight.

Fittingly, the superstar’s swan song is a ballad.  Call me crazy but it’s also darn good.  It has some dated finger snapping throughout but even that will fit in with the upcoming limited release of the tour rehearsal movie, also called This Is It, which looks spectacular.  I’ve watched the trailer a few times and Jackson looked energetic and ready to roll out the exhausting string of sold out shows in England.

Jackson’s voice sounds as strong and note perfect as always.  You can hear the song and watch the movie trailer at The movie will only be in theatres for two weeks beginning October 27th, presumably to create demand for the DVD.  Whether or not anyone really knows whether Michael was “ready to die” or anything else claimed in the tabloids, this admirer of his talent believes he still had it.  He was a phenomenon we’re not likely to see the likes of again in our lifetime.