Animal Welfare

It appears that the shocking charges against five people, including the boss, at the Toronto Humane Society stem from the President’s policy against euthanasia.  They are accused of animal cruelty and some related things which have not yet been proven in court. 

As any loving pet owner knows, there can come a time in your furry family member’s life when ending their suffering is the kindest thing you can do.  I’ve had to do it more than once and it’s absolutely awful but also a relief for your suffering friend. 

It seems – and this is not yet proven fact, remember – that because of his stand against putting pets down, the President forced sick and dying animals to live out their lives to their so-called “natural” ends, including all of the suffering that goes along with it.  It must have been a horrible sight.  Ergo the charges of cruelty.

And here’s what comes to my mind.  We acknowledge that not putting cats and dogs out of their misery when there’s no hope  for recovery is cruel and causes them pain and distress.  And yet we insist that people with terminal illnesses stick it out in this life until the bitter end.  Where are the investigators in nursing homes, looking for people in the same state?  I can tell you from first hand knowledge that it’s a myth that everyone can be kept pain free.  People suffer terribly sometimes.  Who is moving in to stop that?  I’m glad that there is action on behalf of the small, helpless creatures and the apparently misguided dictatorship of the Humane Society.  But it galls me that there is no option for our fellow humans who are in the same condition and desperate for it to come to an end.