Lambert Letdown

We didn’t watch the American Music Awards last night.

Admittedly, we are out of the target demographic.  The show is aimed at teenagers.  But there’s a lot of music out now that I like, thanks in particular to the TV show Glee for introducing me to some of it.

We cheered for Adam Lambert on the last round of American Idol.   He didn’t win but he is more popular and better known than the actual Idol, Kris Allen. Now Lambert’s debut album is about to come out and he should be riding a wave of anticipation.  According to the chat rooms last night, his AMA performance may have finished him off for a lot of potential fans.  I know that I have no interest in buying his CD now.

In a terribly misguided performance (during which he sang live, at least) Lambert mock-knocked around a herd of men and women in S and M get-ups, and actually shoved one man’s face into his crotch – it was repulsive.  I can’t imagine what he was possibly thinking. The song was titled For Your Entertainment but I’m relieved to read anecdotes from young music fans who are saying it totally turned them off.  Lambert is a terrific talent but this was just a bad move. He looked ridiculous and wasted an amazing opportunity.  Sorry, kiddo but I think you blew it.