Lululemon Lemming

Sure, I’ve been aware of Lululemon for a long time but until yesterday I had never ventured into one of their stores. 

My make-up artist on Whatever Happened To wore Lululemon pants just about every time I saw her.  My former News Director’s daughter lives in the stuff.  But it’s my friend Laurie whom I blame/credit for my exersion into the Masonville location yesterday.

Several times through the summer our foursome would meet for dinner and often Laurie would be in a very attractive pair of black pants.  One time I tried to slyly pick a forgotten round label off her knee area and learned that that’s the Lululemon signature “gotcha”.  It apparently happens a lot.  What looks like an inspector’s number sticker is actually the Lululemon logo and it does not come off.  Haha. Joke’s on me!

Anyway, the more I learned about the pants the more sense they made.  Sure, they started as athletic wear but you can dress them up to go out and roll them up for travel and wash them and hang them and do everything but feed a village with them.  Well, that’s actually true, too, because what they cost could feed a village.  A small one, with a poor appetite.

The store is just too cool and there isn’t even a sign out front!  You’re supposed to “know” by the doorway made in the same Marlo Thomas hairdo shape as the logo.  I did not know and passed it twice before realizing what it was.

The saleskids were actually very friendly and helpful. The guy who pinned up the pants I finally chose was patient and knowledgeable.  “We have a free hemming service”, he chirped.  After looking at the price tag I thought, that’s truly the least they can do.

So now I own a pair of Lululemon pants.  But I don’t even have them yet.  They won’t be ready until the middle of next week and the sales clerk assured me I would get a Lululemon bag when I picked them up because, you know, the bag is just as trendy as the activewear!  No wonder the pants cost so much!   But they are incredibly comfortable and soft, made well, launched in Canada (the store was born in Vancouver) and the company has integrity.  Laurie loves hers and she’s not all about labels or being trendy.  She just appreciates good quality, like I do. Maybe they’re not really pretentious.  Maybe they’re just cool and I’m so far out of the cool demo that I don’t recognize it anymore.  But I do own the cool pants because somehow, despite my lack of coolness, I managed to find the store.